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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It All Started With a Dream 3: Signs

It All Started With a Dream 3:  Signs

On Part 2 in this series we left off with "Our Lease was up and it was time to leave Asheville, NC"!

We were moving to Colorado Springs ... it was time for a new adventure, and a clean air, healthy city to live in.

We had been in our townhome for 6 months, and the plan was to leave because we had given our mom the 6 months she has asked for, to be ready to come with us to Colorado.

Guess what?  That didn't happen, lol.  

She wasn't ready, wasn't ready at all!  We are very close with our mom and dad.  We had never been farther than 20 miles away.  We didn't have to be close, but we wanted to be close.  My parents love us, and our children more than anything, and their lives revolve around them, and around us.  

We just couldn't take the kids (and ourselves), away from them.  It seemed to cruel.  We told my mom we would wait for her to get ready, then go.

Well, you know the saying "Time Flies" right?  

Before we knew it 4 years had passed!  It was 2008 and my mom still wasn't ready, and we were more than ready.  

We knew it was time to go.  We just knew it.  It was like a feeling inside, and things started to happen.

Let me explain ...

Why leave all of a sudden?  It was all of a sudden afterall.  It was December 2008, and we moved to Disney in Jan. 2009.  You can read all about our pre-move experience in our Flashback Posts.

Elizabeth had been a Nanny since 1999, and I babysat for 3 children in my home.  All was perfect, and we were all happy in our routine.  We loved the families we babysat for, and they loved us.

For some reason all of a sudden things started to change.  One of Elizabeth's family was moving away ... one of my families was moving also, and one was thinking of staying home with her child full time.

It all happened all of a sudden, all at once.  Some people might have thought to just look for  new families, and continue life as it was, but we felt like these things were happening for a reason.

We felt like it was time to move.  Have you experienced something amazing that you couldn't explain, something like fate intervening?

This was that type of experience!  We KNEW it was time to go!!  With our without my mom and dad.  

We all agreed that it was time to move so we decided to give a month notice to the families we were still babysitting for and do it!!!!

Due to the time frame that we had (a little over 4 weeks), we need to move the beginning of  January 2009.  

I will never forget the night we decided to do it.  It felt so right, but SO scary!  I don't think I slept well for the entire month.  It was so scary and stressful!! (That's another story!)

Over the years we had not changed our mind on Colorado Springs.  I had actually done TONS of research on it, the zip codes, the crime ratings, the things to do there, etc.  We felt like we knew it.

That doesn't mean that we didn't have fun dreaming of Disney though!!  Since our first visit in 2003 we had gone yearly, we were addicted.  We did the countdown, sometimes 8 months out, we loved researching Disney and were active members of the DIS boards.

We often talked about what it would be like to live near Disney.  Boy were those fun times!  I remember talking to Trevon about it the most.  The little ones were still young, and Elizabeth was a bit on the anti-Florida side for practical reasons.

Bugs, heat, weather, swamp water, crime ... living in Florida near Disney was something you dreamed about doing, and fun talking about doing (like winning the lottery), but you didn't actually seriously consider.

Why not?  That's where I came in.  I'm the Why Not person.  Why can't we?  Why?  Other people live there, why can't we?

Bugs, heat, weather ... other people survive it.  It's not impossible.  It's possible.  Come on, think about it.

Trevon and I used to talk about what we'd do if we lived near Disney.  Could you imagine, going to Downtown Disney anytime you wanted to trade pins, get a hot chocolate from Ghirardelli, shop, and relax?

It was like talking about your upcoming Disney family vacation, but on a bigger scale!!

Go to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, or any of the Disney Parks any time you wanted on your days off?  To have Disneyworld as your backyard?  It would be amazing!!!

I did what I do and I started researching.  I researched to see if it was even possible, if we could do it.

I spent all of my spare time on the internet.  Looking up neighborhoods, zip codes, housing prices, options for living around Disney.  I read experiences on City-Date forums, I talked to a realtor who was very helpful. 

I learned a lot in a little time, and it both scared me, and excited me! We all decided that before we moved out West we wanted to do something super fun, we wanted to move to Disney!!!

We only live once during this lifetime, and we want to have the most fun possible!  We love having fun!  Life it too short NOT to have fun.

We told ourselves that we would move to Disney and live there for 2 years.  That 2 years would be enough time to enjoy Florida, Disney, and all the area had to offer, then we would move out West... and here we are almost 5 years later ...

To Be Continued!



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