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Friday, November 15, 2013

MVMCP 2013 Map

MVMCP 2013 Map

It's Friday, and that means it's time for a Disney Tip from a local ~ here on our Disney family blog!

Today we're sharing the 2013 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Map with you!  

Our tip is to study the map and become familiar with it, it will REALLY help you make your evening more productive and enjoyable!

Whether you're attending the Christmas Party, or the Disney Halloween party, or just visiting a park on a regular day, I always suggest you become familiar with the park you're visiting by looking at a Disney World guide map before you go.

The photo above, Food and Beverage, shows the locations of the restaurants open during the party, and the types of food they serve.

Please note the special hours.  Some restaurants close hours before the party ends, so plan ahead!

There are many things to do throughout the party, you can view them below!

You can get Holiday Treats for free at select locations throughout the park, watch the Christmas Parade, multiple Christmas shows, and even attend two dance parties!

Special Disney Christmas Party merchandise is available only during the party, so make sure to get the items you want while you're there.

Please note, unlike most nights, the Disney gift shops actually close when the party ends at midnight so don't be stuck, buy your party exclusive merchandise before the clock strikes midnight!

Here's another tip for you!  When looking or special holiday treats make sure to ask for their available choices!

You can walk up to the counter to get your free treats and drinks, and different locations feature different choices!

We found Snickerdoodle cookies in Adventureland, along with apple juice and Nestle hot cocoa.  Over at Tortuga Tavern they had the same Snickerdoodle cookies, along with bags of fresh apple slices, cocoa, apple juice, and Gluten Free cookies!

Elizabeth and Zarius really liked them!  They were very glad for the healthy option to the sugar cookies.

Above you will see the Disney attractions open during the Christmas party.  The lines for the rides are usually very short in comparison to daytime wait times, because so many people are doing party related activities, not riding rides.

Have fun studying the map if you are or aren't coming to the party this year!  It doesn't change much each year, so you can always use this map as a guideline.

Thanks for viewing the MVMCP 2013 map and our Disney tips!

If you'd like a map of your own we can send one to you for $2.00 s+h.  Just email us at with your PayPal email address for an invoice!



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