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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oh Chihuahua!

Oh Chihuahua!

We love Chihuahuas!!  

When we moved to Disney in 2009, Elizabeth really wanted to get a special dog.  We looked and looked until October that year for her special one.

With Chihuahuas you have to be very careful to purchase a dog from a good breeder who raises them with love and attention the first 8-10 weeks.  This can mean the difference between a friendly and loving dog, or a bad dog.

We got a cat from a lady in Polk City who had an animal shelter and while we were there visiting she saw a cute little chihuahua.  It was her friend's dog, who was a chihuahua breeder.

We contacted her and ended up finding two very special brothers who were 4 months old.  Sunshine and Poppy.

Sunshine (in the photo above), and Poppy (in the photo below), were very sweet and special puppies for Elizabeth and Mahnara.

Poppy is Elizabeth's baby.  He's a little thing at 4 pounds.  He's sweet, but he's insidious, so watch out!

Sunshine is Mahnara's baby, he's a big boy at 6 pounds.  He's a big sweetie, but doesn't like strangers.  Poppy and Sunny can't go out with us, they try to eat everyone they see, lol.

If you don't know chihuahuas, they are very loving to their owner, and can be very protective.  They don't like to share their owners, and aren't really family dogs, but individual companions.  They become attached to one person usually, and really, really love them more than anyone else.

After seeing how wonderful having a loving dog could be I wanted one too!!  It took me awhile to find the right dog, but I did!  

I named her Pika (for Pikachu, the pokemon).  I got her when she was 8 weeks old from a breeder I found online.

I truly believe in fate, and she was meant to be my special baby.  She is the sweetest and most gentle little girl, and she loves me, and my family so much.

She's 3 1/2 years old now, and 3 pounds.  She's tiny and beautiful!

Trevon had decided he also wanted a special chihuahua so we started looking for him.  We found a long haired Chihuahua breeder in Tampa Florida and went to visit her!

She had a lot of sweet dogs, and one of them that was pregnant.  It turned out that we went ahead and put down a deposit for her (she was the most expensive so far), and waiting for her to be born.

The mom had 3 puppies, and one of them was a silver colored girl!  We wanted her so she held her for us until she was 8 weeks old and could come home.  We went to visit her while we waited.

Her name is Zara, and she's a gorgeous  and sweet, spoiled princess.  She is the mama of the house, the alpha.

She is 3 years old, and 8 pounds.

She's Trevon's baby.  She loves her daddy ♥.  She loves to go on trips with us and go out for a day of fun and adventure.

Here she is in Saint Augustine Florida on Trevon's birthday trip.

People often mistake her for a Pomeranian, but if you look at her Apple Head you can definitely see she's a chihuahua.  I've found that a lot of folks don't even know that there are long haired chihuahuas!

We have been so happy these past few years with our special doggies.  They all love each other, and their owners.  

We all had a dog except for Zarius, who wasn't ready yet.  About a month a go he came to us and told us he was ready.  We agreed, and he said that he had a feeling it was the right time for him to find his special dog.

I decided to contact the breeder that I got Pika from years ago.  Pika is so sweet and loving.  She loves other people, and she loves to be kissed, cuddled and held.

Robin had 4 puppies available so we went to see them.  We spent about an hour with the puppies, who were 6 weeks old, and he fell in love with a little girl.

Here she is!


Baby, Zarius' chihuahua!!!  We went to bring her home when she was 8 weeks old, which was 2 weeks ago.  

Funny thing is when we were there looking at the Chihuahua puppies a few weeks ago she brought out a puppy who was 4 months old who needed a home.

She had been holding him and holding him for a family who ended up changing their mind, and she wanted to find him a home.

On her website he was listed for sale, half price.  When he came running into the room and Elizabeth saw him she was in love. 

She instantly felt a connection to him, and ended up taking him home that night!!!!  The neatest part about it?  Robin knew how much we loved our dogs, and how special they are to us, and how we have such a nice and loving home for them that she gave him to us for no charge!!!

That was so very sweet of her, especially since we just spent $1000.00!

Here is Elizabeth's newest baby, and Poppy's brother ~

Ollie!  He's a sweetheart, and a wonderful addition to the family!  He loves his mommy the most, but he loves everyone, and all our dogs too!!  We love him, and we were so blessed to get him!

He has the same dad as Zar's new puppy too, so he gets to live with his half sister and brother.  

Yes ... I said brother!

It turns out that I got a new puppy too!! LOL  

Pika is a big sister!

When we first went to visit the puppies we all passed around the dogs.  When I was handed this little fellow I didn't want to let him go!

I didn't think anything of it, but I swear, when Nara came to take him away and hold him I felt a loss!!  He cuddled up to me, with his nose in my neck, and gave me kisses.  He was SO special.

I even told Zar that he was special, to use his feeling to pick his special dog, which ended up being Baby.

I got all the way home, about 45 minutes later, and I couldn't stop thinking about that puppy!  I actually felt like crying just thinking about him.  It's hard to describe, but I felt a connection, and it was amazing!

Elizabeth encouraged me to consider buying him, but I said no.  I didn't want to make Pika feel badly by getting another chihuahua.  I had also already spent a small fortune on the new dog.

I decided I would though, because of the connection I felt.  I truly couldn't stop thinking about him, and those eyes and kisses!!

I called her back, and told her I wanted him, I drove back the next day to visit with him to make sure I really felt something, and paid for him.

2 weeks later we went back to take him, (Marshmallow) and Baby home. ♥

We are one big happy family!  5 people and 7 Chihuahuas!!  Oh Chihuahua!

Seven dogs may seem like a lot, but all together they are about the size of a small dog, lol.

We have over 3000 square feet for them to enjoy, and a big lanai for them to laze around on, so they are all happy and content.


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