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Friday, December 27, 2013

Downtown Disney AMC

Downtown Disney AMC

It's Friday, and that means it's Disney Tips day!  Today's insider tip is about one of my favorite places in Disneyworld, and my absolute favorite place in Orlando to watch a movie!

Don't drive off-site to a movie theater, watch a movie on-site, in WDW!  Take a Disney bus from your resort to Downtown Disney!  It's easy and convenient.

Why I think you should visit:

• Ticket Prices are Comparable to other major theater chains in the area.
• Concessions prices are great!  They seem to be lower than other major theater chains in the area.
• There's so many food items to choose from!  My favorite is the homemade gourmet caramel popcorn!
• You can watch a movie and have dinner (which I LOVE), at AMC Dine-In theaters. 
• It's convenient!  AMC theaters Downtown Disney is located in Downtown Disney Westside! 
• Enjoy a quiet movie.  After 6pm no children under 6 or under are allowed in R rated movies.
• Courteous and helpful staff that are actually Disney Cast Members.  (All employees that work at Disneyworld are Cast Members, even if it's not a Disney Company.  Did you know that the CM's selling balloons on Disney Main Street in the Magic Kingdom aren't employed by Disney, but are still real Cast Members?  They are Operating Participants, just like the Bell Services staff at the resorts in Disney World, and many, many other jobs at Disney.)
• 24 theaters showing movies 7 days a week!  This makes it easier to find the right movie to fit into your  busy Disney World vacation!
• Quality and Cleanliness of the theaters is top notch!

I have been to this theater more times than I can even begin to count, and I've always had a wonderful experience.  I highly recommend catching a movie at the Downtown Disney AMC on your next Orlando Disney vacation. ºOº

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