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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Transient Neighborhood; Pro or Con?

Transient Neighborhood; Pro or Con?

There are an abundance of vacation home rentals near Disney for rent long term, with 6 month, and 12 month leases.

5 years ago when we moved to Disney from North Carolina, we decided to move into a florida vacation home in an actual resort near Disney, and take out a one year lease.
Where We Lived
We moved into a 4bdrm/4ba Townhome in the
Regal Palms Resort and LOVED IT!!!

We heard many negative ideas on our choice, the main being that a transient community, where the residents come and go weekly, would be a lonely place to live.

I didn't agree, and decided that I actually would like that type of neighborhood just fine.  

It is an issue though, so if you're considering a move to Disney and a community near Disneyworld that mainly caters to vacationers please consider this article, and my experience.

Everyone is different, and a Florida vacation home neighborhood may not work for you and your family.

The Pros:

• You are close to Disney.  Most vacation home neighborhoods are anywhere from 2, to 6 ,to 10 miles from the Disney Parks!
• The homes are very well kept, and modern.
• Rent usually includes pool maintenance, yard maintenance, and home maintenance.
• The rental prices are great!
• You feel like you're living on vacation, permanently!
• You can enjoy the feeling of sitting in your dining room eating a fresh Florida orange while watching the neighbors across the street pack their car, knowing you get to stay as long as you want, you don't have to go home, you're already there! 
• During the slower seasons you pretty much have the place to yourself!  That means empty pools, exercise rooms, parks, and sidewalks!
• Safe and secure living.  Most vacation rental areas have guard gates, guard stations, and key cards that must be used to access the community.

The Cons:

• No permanent neighbors.
• No tight knit community.
• During busy seasons it gets pretty crowded in the community areas.
• You can have neighbors that you don't enjoy having ... like school group teens that are in the streets late at night, or loud neighbors with little concern for others.  As they don't live there, and they are on vacation, this does happen occasionally. 
• Usually there is no direct USPS mail service to your vacation home.  Vacation homes in resorts don't have mailboxes, so you would need to get a mailbox at the local post office, or Mailbox store.

My thoughts:

As you can see above, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  I personally wasn't afraid of the possibilities when I moved here.

The thought of living in an actual working resort, and being able to use the pool, clubhouse, etc. all I wanted for a full year, and living on Disney World vacation thrilled  me!

It wasn't just because we were newly Floridians either, five years later we still live in the same area, in a vacation resort community!!

It's really neat meeting our neighbors from around the world, and even though they are usually only here a week or so, the kids love playing with their new friends (such a variety), and have exchanged info many, many times over the years to keep in touch with their new friends.

Transient Neighborhood; Pro or Con?  What's my answer?  Pro!!


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We really enjoyed that home our first year as Florida residents.

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