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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Magical Dream Come True!!!

A Magical Dream Come True!!!

We are a Disney loving family, that's why we moved to Disney 5 years ago!  I am so happy to share with you a very special magical moment, a true wish come true!

Trevon has been working at AMC Downtown Disney 24 since last summer, and he really loves it!  He is a Cast Member, as AMC 24 is part of the Disney team.

He really had fun at his job, and loves his benefits, and so do we!  Free movies all the time!

Since we moved here in 2009 he has had a dream of working in one of the Disney parks.  Before he was 15 he was told by a CM that you had to be 15 to work at Disney.  When he turned 15 he was told by Disney that you had to be 16.

 When he turned 16 he applied and found out that 16 year olds can only work in entertainment in the parks so he auditioned and out of almost 200 people that day, ended up being one of the last 5 remaining for consideration for hire.

He decided that he really wasn't interested in entertainment and waited until he was 17 to apply to AMC. He got the job immediately and became part of the Disney family. ♥

We took a cruise for his 18th birthday, and just disembarked the ship last week.  It was an amazing and fun week which we'll never forget! (Stay tuned for a BIG photo filled trip report!!)

The day we got off of the ship in Miami, which just happened to be the day after his 18th birthday, he applied for attractions in a Disney park.

After we got off of the ship, and before heading back to the Orlando area we stopped by Starbucks to get oatmeal, yogurt, and hot tea for breakfast and Trevon brought his computer inside and applied.

By the time we arrived home that evening he had gotten a response from Disney with an interview date for later that week!

A few days ago he went to his interview at the Casting center across from Downtown Disney Marketplace for his interview, and was hired on the spot!!

His 5 year+ dream of working in a Disney park came true!!  I was, and am, so happy for him!

They gave him two choices.  Disney's Hollywood Studios working on the Great Movie Ride, the POTC walkthrough attraction, Toy Story Mania, etc., OR Magic Kingdom working in Frontierland on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Tom Sawyer's Island, Splash Mountain, and the Country Bear Jamboree!!

He chose his favorite park and ride ~ MK and BTMRR!!

In just 11 days he will start his dream job as a Magic Kingdom cast member working on some of the busiest attractions in the park!

Needless to say we are so thrilled and happy, and of course so is Trevon, that we followed our dreams and moved to Disney World years ago. ºOº



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