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Monday, May 19, 2014

Breakfast on the Boardwalk; Kouzinna

Breakfast on the Boardwalk; Kouzinna

I am writing this article on May 19th, 2014, so when you read it you may no longer be able to enjoy this delicious Disney restaurant.  

Kouzinna's is closing on September 20th, 2014, so if you're reading this and it's not closed yet, try and go for breakfast!

Located on the Boardwalk, right outside of Disney's Boardwalk resort, it's a Greek restaurant by Cat Cora.  This was our first time eating at Kouzinna's, and we really, really enjoyed it!

We made reservations in advance (highly recommended), and dined for breakfast before heading to Disney's Hollywood Studios for the day.

To start off we ordered a pot (French Press) of Kouzinna exclusive coffee for two (it was enough for 3 of their coffee cups with room for cream), and it was so good we ordered another pot!  As a retired Barista drinking only organic specialty roasted bean coffee at home I have to say I am quite picky, and let me say that  this coffee was delicious!

I had looked at the menu online before going and knew that I wanted the warm honey pecan cinnamon roll so I ordered that first thing to go with my coffee.  Take a look at this photo and let me just say that words can not describe how yummy it was!

Totally worth every penny of the $5.49 price tag, and it was so good that I ordered another one after breakfast - to take home!

It was warm and had tons of cream cheese style sweet icing, and that, mixed with the fresh berries and cinnamon sugar sprinkled over the bun and plate was just delicious!  The cinnamon roll underneath the frosting was not hard.  It was very soft and good.  A must try if you'll be eating at Kouzinna!  

If you really want to try a cinnamon bun you may want to make your reservation for an early time.  They can sell out of them before breakfast is over!

Trying to decide what to eat for breakfast was the hard part!!  Elizabeth and I went with the Stacked Kouzinna Breakfast, which was sweet potato hash (no meat in it), two poached eggs, and a bit of artichoke spread on top.  The spread had a bit of a dill flavor and I found it a bit spicy (hot) so I took it off.  I can't eat Nitrates so I didn't want the bacon or sausage that came with the platter.  I ordered bacon and gave it to Zarius and Elizabeth ordered the chicken sausage which was a bit on the spicy side.

The Kalamata olive toast was yummy, and I ended up breaking my eggs and mixing them up with the potatoes and eating them that way.  It was very good, I highly recommend it.

Trevon got the Breakfast Skillet which he really liked.  I would have gotten that if the bacon that they put in it had been Nitrate free.

It was potatoes with Nueske's Bacon, greek cheese, pequillo peppers (they're sweet and have no heat to them), onions, and eggs topped with arugula.  Mom got the skillet too and loved it.  The bread (toast) was yummy too!

The kids ordered from the children's menu and got Mickey waffles with fruit.  Everyone was very happy with the food, the service, and the atmosphere.  

I often go out to eat and leave disappointed but that was not the case at Kouzinna!  I can't wait to go back again and again before it closes permanently in 4 months.


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