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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Disney Halloween Merchandise Shopping Tips!

2014 Disney Halloween Merchandise Shopping Tips!

About halfway through August each year holiday items start to appear!  Although there are no Fall or Halloween decorations up in the Disney Parks yet ... there is an abundance of Halloween goodies for sale in the parks and Downtown Disney Marketplace! secretsfromadisneylocal

We took a tour of all the neat things available this year and made a video of it for your enjoyment.  You can use the prices listed in the video to help you plan your Disney Halloween budget, and you can even purchase most of the items sold in the Disney World gift shops through!

Just click on the video below to see everything and make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel "Disney World Shopping", dedicated to sharing the magic of Disney World merchandise with you!

Halloween in Disneyworld has always been my favorite time of the year, and I can't wait to attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2014 in just a few days!!♥

You may or may not know that Amy and I founded Disney World Personal Shopper back in 2012 and we shopped in the parks for others until late 2013. In 2014 we stopped shopping but continued to bring photos and videos, news and information about Disney World merchandise to our followers and fans.

Because we shopped so much in the parks and resorts we learned a lot!!  We want to share these tips for Halloween shopping with you so that you can get the items you want:

• Buy early!  Holiday items do sell out!!

• The stores that will have the most Halloween items for sale will be the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom and the World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

• You can find "bits and pieces" of the 2014 Disney Halloween merchandise throughout the parks and resort gift shops.

• The best resorts to shop for Halloween items are Port Orleans Resort Riverside and Art of Animation!!

• If you see it and like it, buy it!  One of the biggest problems guests have when shopping is not buying an item they want when they see it, then deciding to purchase it later in their vacation and not finding it.

• Did you know? If you just can't find that item that you'd like, and you don't want to run all around property searching for it, go the World of Disney in Downtown Disney and go to the Guest Information Desk located in the center of the store, in the section with the women's jewelry and purses. Give them a description of what you're wanting, and the size you need and they'll search their database and tell you which gift shop has it, or will most likely have it!!

• Shop all day and night and have your packages sent to either your Disney Resort or the front of the park for pick-up upon exiting the park for the day!  
*For park pick-up you must allow a minimum of 3 hours, so make sure you'll be in the park for at least three hours after your purchase.

Whether you'll be shopping for 2014 Disney Halloween Merchandise in the parks or from home, or just window shopping ... Happy Halloween from LivingDisney!


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