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Monday, October 27, 2014

Volunteering as a Family

Volunteering as a family is such a fun and rewarding experience!!  This weekend we were "Game Keepers" at the Faith and Family Festival at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, and we had an amazing time!

The festival was a one day event on October 25th, and it is an annual event so if you have a Disney family vacation planned for this time next year and you're able to attend please try to!

Admission was $20 a person, and you could purchase an all day ride pass.  Lines were virtually non existent, and admission included all you could play games (there were 50 game booths), and TONS of free candy!

The kids rated that volunteer position as an 11 in a 1-10 experience ... which means they loved it!

We arrived before our shift so that we could enjoy some of the rides and games the festival had to offer, then ended up taking a double shift that night instead of playing!

We had a couple of hours of free time and the kids asked if we could see if they needed more help because volunteering was more fun than riding the rides.  That made me very happy and proud, and I was super excited when they said yes, they needed us!

For the first shift Mahnara and I worked in a disk tossing game booth, and Trevon and Zarius worked in a shooting booth.

During the second 2 hour shift I teamed up with Zarius and we ran the treasure chest booth (players had to find the silver coin!), and Elizabeth and Mahnara ran a booth where you had to get high or low numbers by rolling a ball into secions (it was difficult!).  

The kids loved it, and so did we!  They did all the talking and game running and we handed out candy as prizes.  Towards the end of the night there was so much candy left that we gave it out by the handfuls and made neat "grand prizes" with bags of candy for the lucky winner(s).

We came home with 13 gallons of candy from playing the games ourselves for about an hour, and we have plans to donate it.

Look for a vlog of our fun day volunteering and playing on LivingDisney on YouTube!  Volunteering is something that we love doing, and we're always looking for opportunities for us to volunteer as a family in the Central Florida area.

Our next volunteer adventure will be at the Tough Mudder in November, Elizabeth and I are really excited about that one.  Too bad the youngest kids can't come along, but there will be plenty of fun experiences in our volunteer future. ourdisneylife

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